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Shopping conditions

Data protection
Shopping in the webshop of Peter’s Paplan Ltd. is bound to registration. Unless ordered otherwise by the competent court, we will not transfer personal data obtained from you via registration to any third party, except such data necessary for delivery and for product transport.

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A sent order shall be considered a written contract concluded between the orderer and Peter’s Paplan Ltd. in Hungarian language. Peter’s Paplan Ltd. records the orders and keeps them available to the orderer at any time.

Products purchased in the webshop of Peter’s Paplan Ltd. are not for resale. In case of such intent, please, contact us on any of our availabilities.

The primary aim of founding the webshop of Peter’s Paplan Ltd. is the sale of the own products of Peter’s Paplan Ltd., but it might sell products of other companies. All product details can be found on the product description pages. Photographs published along the descriptions are illustrations, the real appearance and package of the product might be different.

The time of ordering is that time when you finalize the order by clicking on the Ordering button and thus emptying your shopping cart. Your order becomes valid when we confirm it via e-mail or telephone. Confirmation takes place within 48 hours from placing the order. If you do not receive a confirmation within this timeframe, please, inform us on this via any of our availabilities given at the Contact subpage.

We, Peter’s Paplan Ltd. reserve the right to change prices and reject any kind of responsibility in connection with mistakes outside our scope - be it a misprinting or a technical mistake. Peter’s Paplan Ltd. also reserves the right to cancel sales without any prior communication.

The indicated  product prices are gross purchase prices of the products which include the value added tax. Beside the purchase price of the products, only delivery cost might apply to you. 

In case of orders above 150 EUR, we require you to pay a deposit. Our colleague will contact you through the phone to commonly arrange details of paying the deposit.

Delivery methods and costs
You can choose from several methods of delivery in our webshop: you can pick up the product in our shop free of charge or you can choose to have the product delivered by means of a courier service.

After choosing the delivery method the system calculates occurring additional costs of the chosen method and you can finalize your order with that information revealed to you.

After obtaining the order from you, Peter’s Paplan Ltd. will inform you on the delivery date via e-mail. We always intend to realize the fastest delivery possible.

It is the customer's responsibility to verify the completeness of the parcel at delivery, and in case of complete delivery the customer shall sign the proof of receipt. We do not accept any kind of claim concerning missing items at a later time.

If the customer cannot be contacted home at the agreed time of delivery and the product must be returned, the customer shall bear the cost of both the return and the re-delivery. 

The cost of delivery shall always be borne by the customer. In case of delivery outside Hungary, delivery prices might differ from those valid for Hungary. In such a case colleagues of Peter's Paplan Ltd. will contact the Orderer with a unique delivery offer and the product wil only be delivered after such an offer is accepted.

Right of withdrawal
Based on the 17/1999. (II. 5.) Governmental Decree on contracts concluded by remote partners, the customer might withdraw from the contract within 8 days from the delivery of the product without giving any reason. In such a case the seller shall return the purchase price to the customer immediately, but not later than thirty days from the return of the product. The right of withdrawal shall not be applied in case of personal pickup of the product. 

The customer shall bear all costs related to the withdrawal. The product shall only be returned in its original packaging and with the original warranty documents! If the product is damaged or signs of wear are present, the seller might ask for damages concerning non intended use of the product, or might reject buying back the product.

Chargeless exchange of the product is only possible if the add-ons, accessories and documentations in the parcel, and their packaging, are intact and unopened. Otherwise the value to be paid back is the purchase price reduced by 25-50%, which is the cost of the producer concerning repackaging and change of the accessories.

In case of such unique products and services that has been produced as a consequence of the individual needs of the Orderer, the right of withdrawal shall not be applied. Unique gift products with photographs fall in this circle, too. 

For products produced by the seller, it gives a 1 year warranty in accordance with the law.

If the product is damaged during delivery, it will be exchanged by Peter’s Paplan Ltd. free of charge. If this is impossible, the purchase price of the product will be returned. 

Shopping in the webshop of Peter’s Paplan Ltd. presupposes that the customer is aware of the technical barriers of the internet and the acceptance of possible errors concerning this technology.

The Provider is not responsible for any damage occurring in connection with joining the webshop. It is the responsibility of the visitor to consider how to protect data on his or her computer from intruders. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to join the webshop and shop in it. The operator shall not be held liable in case of force majeure. Cases of force majeure are especially such errors of the internet network that prevent the website from unencumbered operation and hinder shopping, furthermore, where data sent or received via the internet are lost in connection with the error. 

The operators shall freely change the Shopping conditions and present Standard Contract Conditions. Such changes become valid in the moment when the modified text appears online on the website.

In case the visitor breaches the rules included in the Standard Contract Conditions, then the operators might freely declare the purchase of the customer invalid.

Contracting parties do their best to settle any disputes by means of negotiations. Should this be insufficient for the settlement of the dispute, contracting parties declare the jurisdiction of the Arbitration of the Hungarian Chamber of Economy. 
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