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Privacy Policy


Peter's Paplan Ltd. (hereafter: Webshop Owner) founded its data protection principles that are necessary to provide maximal confidentiality and safety for the personal data of visitors and customers, in accordance with the governing law. Accordingly we assure our visitors that their data provided in concern with buying or registration will not be transferred to any third party, except where otherwise provided for by the concerning court.

Registration data

Webshop Owner respects the rights of users visiting the Website to the protection of their personal data. On the basis of present data protection declaration You may decide on which data you provide within this Website. The Webshop Owner handles your personal data in accordance with the statements written herein. Data provision is always voluntary on your part. By providing personal data you entitle Webshop Owner to use the provided data in accordance with present data protection declaration. By registering at the Website You clearly and expressly allow the Webshop Owner to send you notifications concerning the Website, and this consent of yours has been given voluntary and in the possession of appropriate information from us. When working out the Website we intended to make the major part of Contents, products and services available to You without requiring you to provide any personal data. Present data protection declaration is available directly from the pages of the Website. 
Present data protection declaration applies to the collection of both personal and non-personal data (for example data used for the preparation of statistical data concerning the website).

You have the right against the Webshop Owner to limit or prohibit using or recording your personal data given at this Website. You have the right to require the Webshop Owner to delete your personal data from the Website. Please, notify us about such a request via the e-mail address given at the Contact subpage or through the on-line contact form.

The Webshop Owner shall not share personal data given voluntarily at present Website without the consent of the owner of that personal data. Exceptions are compulsory data supplying cases deriving from the prevailing legal regulation (in case of obligations to governmental authorities, summons, judicial order etc.).
The Website may contain elements that ask for data of acquaintances of the visitors (their name, nickname or e-mail address). Statements herein also apply to such data; these data are also protected by present Data Protection Declaration.

Unless specified otherwise at the place of data provision within this Website, the Website Owner may use the voluntarily given data only for the following aims: for invitation to the newsletter of the Webshop Owner (but not for automatic newsletter sending), for sending out promotion mails about products and services of the Webshop Owner, and for sending out promotions of third parties being in business relationship with the Webshop Owner.

For appropriate operation and for the services the Website may require to be allowed to use cookies. In such cases, if the usage of cookies is enabled in the browser of the visitor, the use of cookies is automatic. The cookies that the browser of the visitor saves to the computer do not contain any personal data, only fragments of information that can be used by the Website to identify the visitor, in which case a returning visitor may not have to re-enter certain data that has already been provided by him or her and recorded by the Website. Using the cookies is a possibility for the more comfortable browsing of the Website, which might be banned in the browser of the visitor at any time. However, certain services and Contents of the Website might expressly require the use of cookies, and thus these services and Contents may not be available in browsers where the use of cookies is turned off.

We do our best in the interest of the safety and security of information. The Webshop Owner handles the obtained personal and non-personal data as confidential data, to which the obligation of professional secrecy applies. Access to such data is strictly limited to prevent unauthorized access and any change or unauthorized use of the data.

Content of the Website

Contents within the Website are to be handled as provided for informative purposes only. The Contents have been uploaded in good faith; the Webshop Owner does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the Contents. The Webshop Owner and its employees accept no responsibility for any direct or indirect damages, lost profit in connection with the Website Contents. The Website may contain such references (hyperlinks) that link to other websites, these are websites in the property of parties independent of the Webshop Owner, therefore the Webshop Owner accepts responsibility neither for the content of these websites nor for the products and services available through them.

Payment with bank card

At present our online shop has no bank card paying service, thus the visitors cannot settle their invoices by means of a bank card. Let us call your attention and ask you that in case you receive any offer calling for bank card payment on behalf of our company, notify us immediately via our availabilities as we never send such calls for our clients. Of course, do not fulfil such requests as there are grounds for suspecting the intention of cheating. When bank card payment becomes available at our Webshop service, we are going to inform our visitors and customers by means of publishing a communication.

Withdrawal of registration

Certainly, we facilitate our visitors and customers to withdraw registration and its advantages, in the following method:

Please, inform us on such intent of yours via the client service e-mail address given on the Contact subpage, or via any other of our availabilities.
After this, on your request, we delete all your data from our system without making any copies and we destroy all communication channels towards you.

Renewal of registration data

Our system facilitates you to modify your data in case they change. To modify your data you have to log in. Invoicing and delivery data can be entered or modified in the 3rd step of shopping, and these can be saved without placing the order. You may also inform us about your data modification requests via the client service e-mail address given on the Contact subpage, or via any other of our availabilities, and we will modify your data.

Legal declaration


The contents of materials, photographs and data shown on the Website of the Webshop Owner are protected by copyright law. Any kind of copying of such materials as well as their storage in data systems, their publication on other internet sites, and any kind of their use - beyond personal use - shall only be performed with the preliminary written consent of the Webshop Owner. This website might - among others - contain text, graphics or other works copyrighted by the following authors: Webmasters-Informatika Ltd.,, Peter's Paplan Ltd. 

Limitation of general liability

The pages of the Webshop Owner shall only be visited and used on the own liability of the visitor. The Webshop Owner accepts no liability for any loss or any damages entailing direct or indirect consequences, in connection with any false or misleading content, with the use of its websites and services, or with the lack of their availability, their error, pause or cancellation. (This statement shall not apply to our services regulated in a separate agreement or contract - concerning which the Webshop Owner proceeds and is responsible as specified in those contracts.)


Users of the services of Webshop Owner acknowledge that data might be lost, destroyed or even obtained by unauthorized persons in the process of data transfer, and due to the public nature of the internet foreign intrusions in the system might occur, and thus the entered data (including personal data) might be obtained by unauthorized persons. In such cases Webshop Owner shall not be held responsible, the user is aware of such risk and by using the service he or she takes that risk.

Certainly, we do our best to secure the data, our hosting place and website is operated by experts and the systems are refreshed regularly. We do not intentionally give data to any third party - except authorities, if they have an appropriate authorization or permit to request such data.

We hereby inform you that this website of Peter's Paplan Ltd. shall only be used with all the above written accepted!

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