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Shopping guide

The registration page is available from the above menu of the website, from the footer menu or from the Login panel at the side. Open the registration page and fill in the form appropriately, then click on the "Registration" button at the bottom of the form. The website now indicates the success of registration, or, in case of missing data, the screen continues to show the form and indicates the fields that has been left empty or filled in wrongly. In case of successful registration the system automatically logs you in on the website, in which case the "Login" panel shows the user name you have been logged in with.

You can also browse our webshop and edit the content of your shopping cart without registration. However, to place an order it is absolutely necessary to be a registered user, thus clicking on the "Ordering" button will bring up a log in window with an embedded "Registration" link. After clicking on this and filling in the form as per the above, you can continue with the shopping procedure, as the system will here also log you in automatically and the previously compiled content of your shopping cart will not be lost. 

Write your e-mail address used at the registration and the connecting password into the fields of the Login panel and click on the "Login" button beside the filled in fields. After logging in, the content of the panel will automatically change to show the user name with which you have logged in, and logout and password change possibilities will also be shown. 

In order to log out from the webshop simply click on the "Logout" button in the "Login" panel. This button is only shown in the panel if You have previously logged in. 

Forgotten password
If you have forgotten your password, click on the "Forgotten password" button in the Login panel, and a new page appears asking for your e-mail address that was used at your registration to our webshop. Entering that e-mail address and clicking on the Send button will cause you to receive a mail to that e-mail address with a link, which must be clicked on (or copied into your web browser if clicking is not possible within your mailing software) to have our website generate a new password for you. Record this password accurately (differentiating between small and capitall letters) and log in with it. If you wish, you can also change your password (see. Password change). 

Password change
If you wish to change your password, enter into the webshop through the Login panel. A "Password change" link will appear, and clicking on it will load in a new page. This asks for your password currently in use, and then the new password twice, to eliminate the risk of mistyping. Fill in the fields appropriately and click on the Change button. From this moment you can log in to our webshop with the new password. 


Shopping cart: Browsing our cotalogue you can compile the content of your cart. You can find the "Into the cart" button on the detailed data sheets of the chosen products and a box by the button to enter quantity. The default quantity is 1 piece. After pressing the "Into the cart" button, the chosen product is added to the cart and the website loads in the contents of your shopping cart. At this point you can continue shopping further products as you wish, you can change quantities in the cart, or you can take items out of the shopping cart by simply clicking on the "Remove" link (or the "x" button") in the row of the concerned product. If you have changed quantities in the cart, click on the "Refresh" button under the list of products, and the cart recalculates prices and saves new quantities. When you have finished with adding items to your shopping cart and intend to buy the products, click on the "Ordering" button. 

Shopping procedure: When clicking on the "Ordering" button in the shopping cart you are taken to a page for choosing the method of delivery, which is the 2nd step in the shopping procedure. These steps are indicated with well identifiable numbers in the circles shown above, and with titles underneath, so that you could follow where you are in the shopping procedure. If you do not get to the delivery page from the cartpage, then you have not been logged in at the webshop. In that case a login page appears where you can log in without losing the content of your cart. If you have not registered yet, you can also do the registration while reserving your cart and its content. 

After successful login or registration You get to the step of delivery selection. Choose the intended delivery method and click on the "Forward" button. Some delivery method must be chosen or the system will not let you go forward in the shopping procedure.  

In the next step you get to the total amount and data request page. Here you can see the total payable amount and you can enter the invoicing and delivery data as you like. At your availability fields you can even send a text message by entering it into the Note field. When you are ready with filling in the data, press the "Forward" button.

Now you are at the finalizing step. You are not allowed here to modify any data but all data you have entered previously and all ordered products are indicated. Please, thoroughly verify all data here! If you find any error you can navigate back to the appropriate page with the "Back" button at the bottom of the page to correct the error.

If all data are correct, click on the "Ordering" button. The system will indicate if your ordering is successful. You get a confirmative e-mail on the order which includes all given data and all ordered products. After a successful order your shopping cart will be empty again. When you have finished shopping, you can log out from the system in the "Login" panel at the top of the page.

With any further questions you can turn to us via any of the availabilities given at the Contact subpage. 

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