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Gifting ideas

We all wish to surprise those whom we love with some nice and personal gift on different occassions, but it seems that selecting the appropriate gift is getting more and more difficult year by year. And although many shops offer marvellous presents and souvenirs, we often feel that they do not perfectly fit the personality or wishes of the one to be gifted.

Would it be a commonplace to give just a book or a new teddy bear?
Our ideas help you cheer up trivially tiring presents, whereas our products can also be used as gifts on their own.

Present variations with Peter's Paplan products

  • To give a small pillow with a book entails the message of repose: "Have a rest, lie back and lose yourself in reading!"
  • A small pillow or a neck pillow might also be a nice complement to a journey or a flight ticket, to make the long journey more comfortable.
  • To give a small pillow to a friendly couple moving in the new flat is also a nice gesture referring to the calm nights of a new home.
  • The teddy bear will feel much more comfortable when escorted by a small pillow, which will prevent the new owner from having to use the bear as a pillow, too. 
  • abies of the winter months are likely to cocoon in the warm home around their birthday, thus a small pillow and a nice tender quilt might be an appropriate gift for them. 

  • A small pillow or cushion might be a happy and appreciative present for mothers doing plenty of houseworks at home, on which they can have a rest in the armchair at evening.

    Do you have another idea? Write us and we add it to the above list!

Peter's Paplan presents for special events

A round anniversary, a wedding or the birth of a baby are all special events. For such occassions we all try to prepare with some special present that is very personal or - for example for a young couple - unaffordable.

For that reason we offer complete sets instead of individual pieces in the following list. This list is only an indicative offer and any kind of compilation is possible on demand.

Weddings and anniversaries:
  • Down double quilt set
  • Semi-down double quilt set

New born baby:
  • Down quilt baby set
  • Semi-down quilt baby set

Our webshop is continually increased with new products and sets. If you don't find the product you are looking for, contact us via any of our availabilities given under the Contact menu item. Our colleagues are eager to help you.

Enjoy presenting your beloved!
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