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Peter's Paplan Ltd. in the early 1930's

The company whose introduction you read now is a more than 80 years old participant of the Hungarian quilt market. Its history and activity is therefore featured by many old traditions and values. 

It was part of the early view of life that professional skills, the love and respect of the trade is handed down from father to son. We are proud of being a dedicated follower of this nice and useful tradition.

The founder, Vilmos Köves obtained his quiltmaker tradesman certificate in 1931, and left the old Tehel and Tuschak manufacture in 1947 to found his enterprise in fairly modest circumstances. Over time the late small manufacture became Peter's Paplan Ltd. and is now directed by the son, Peter Köves.

Having taken today's economic and professional demands into consideration, Peter's Paplan Ltd. has stepped out from the circle of small family enterprises. Apart from its good reputation gained in the Hungarian market, its success is further proven by the dynamically developing export activity.

Peter's Paplan Ltd. in our time

The production facility of the Budapest seated company is to be found at Maglód. Production is operated in a self-owned, 3700 m2 lounge system with approximately 30 employees.

The technological activity of the company, as is general with small- and medium factories, comprises the total production cycle from base material production to ready made consumer products. High technology level and decades of professional experience facilitate unique compliance with the new (EU and ISO) quality standards, and due accordance with health regulations.

Fillings of artificial and wool quilts are produced on site, just as the mixed sponge-wool and sponge-polyester type fillings that are used for tapestries.

Quilt workshop
Our machies are so-called one piece steppers, which are capable for producing small series products and unique pieces with various sewing programmes in good quality at low time demand. In our factory we blend traditional technology elements with today's demands. We can produce the quilts of old times, sew unique forms or fulfil any individual need. Quilts sewn in our factory facilitate comfortable relaxation both for children and adults.

Along with the quilt workshop, we also use traditional manufacture technology to make quilts, special cushions, bed linen and various covers from natural materials.

Feather processing facility
This is the place where the used feather is washed, disinfected, sorted and where mite removal is performed. Work quality of our feather washing and sorting machines comply with the strictest health regulations.

Our feather sorting machine is able to divide feather from down by weight. This procedure is preceded by the cleaning of the feather so as we could use only mite free and clean feather and down filling in our products.

Wool carding facility
Production of wool and artificial base materials and their processing into quilt and pillow filling is performed in our carding facility.
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