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For hospitals

Peter's Paplan Ltd. has begun its cooperation with the hospital partners in 2002 in order to offer quality mattresses, bed spreads and special hospital pillows. From the beginning, we have done a series of developments to help nursing and care of patients suffering from bedsores or fracture. Our products provide great help both in the hospital and in the home environment for the patients and for their relatives nursing them. By today, our hospital products serve the comfort and health of patients in more than 100 hospitals. 

Our aim in the future is to continually provide for the satisfaction of our hospital partners and offer them the highest quality hospital products at affordable price. With such a cooperation we can help several thousand people suffering from an illness or being in a difficult situation. 

Our main hospital products:
  • Mattresses agains Antidecubitus

  • Quilt, pillow and small pillow set
  • Sheet 
  • Bedspread
  • Mattress
  • Antidecubitus mattress cover
  • Supporting pillow
  • Ring
  • Wedge pillow
  • Ergonomic pillow

If you intend to bring a change to the hospital, nursing home or other health care facility and to provide appropriate safety to your patients, please, contact us via any of the availabilities given under the Contact menu item so as we could soon give you a personalized offer.
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